Sustainability Reporting

HitecVision believes in transparency in ESG and sustainability matters. We collect and analyse ESG performance data from our portfolio companies, and report these to our investors on a quarterly basis. As signatories to the Principles for Responsible Investment, we are part of the largest global reporting project on responsible investment. In addition, we prepare a comprehensive annual ESG report, which is available for download on this page.

ESG reporting from each portfolio company is an important part of HitecVision’s portfolio monitoring process. We have over time developed and refined this reporting, and most portfolio companies now report comprehensive ESG data, including greenhouse gas emissions (carbon footprint) to us on a quarterly basis.

The reporting requirement encourages the portfolio companies to set targets for their ESG efforts and engage with relevant and material issues as part of their decision-making and management processes. As owners, we ensure a continuous follow-up of the ESG issues and KPIs in regular meetings with the portfolio companies.

In addition to providing a basis for regular information to our investors, who are the ultimate owners of our portfolio companies, quantifiable ESG data provide an important input to our annual ESG report. In addition to detailed KPI data , these reports contain further information on our approach to responsible investing; general information on ESG in the energy industry and the energy transition; and detailed information on the ESG status and progress of each portfolio company.

Download our 2023 Integrated Sustainability Report here.

Download our 2022 ESG report here.

Download our 2021 ESG report here.

Download our 2020 ESG report here.

Download our 2019 ESG report here.