HitecVision has traditionally donated to deserving causes, in the Stavanger region and elsewhere globally. HitecVision joined forces with Kirkens Bymisjon to play a more active role in the interface between society and the corporate landscape.

Combining HitecVision’s competence as entrepreneurs with Kirkens Bymisjon’s well-reputed humanitarian position in the society, we formed the social entrepreneurship project Paahjul (“OnWheels”). Paahjul combines HitecVision’s serial entrepreneur model and Kirkens Bymisjon’s social entrepreneur model to contribute capital, competence, and our network to create lasting value and positive returns to society.

The original bicycle repair shop opened in Stavanger in 2013, the second shop opened in 2015 at Hinna, Stavanger, the third shop opened in 2016 at Barcode, Oslo and the most recent shop opened in 2019 in Sandnes. All shops are located in the city center or in growing neighborhoods, surrounded by large corporate offices as well as apartments, coffee shops and restaurants. Paahjul is making a positive contribution to these neighborhoods.

Each shop hires four to six people per year who have problems holding a normal job due to past drug abuse, teaching and helping them adjust to the routines and expectations of a normal workplace. The target is for each unit to propel at least one or two persons on from the Paahjul experience and into standard employment. In order to achieve this overall target, HitecVision supports the project with necessary funds and competence, assisting in the daily management and operations, while Kirkens Bymisjon has the key responsibility for the people taken into the program. The daily operation of each shop is led by full time employees with a combination of professional bicycle repair expertise and experience from working with persons with special needs.