Energy Transition Strategy

As a specialist investor in the energy industry, HitecVision has a strong focus on the coming transition of the world’s energy systems towards a low-carbon future. We believe that this change is necessary, and we have decided to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. We have thus decided that our future investment focus will be companies that contribute to the energy transition.

In order to quantify HitecVision’s climate ambitions and help us steer a course through the transition to a low-carbon future, we have developed an energy transition strategy. Our overall target is to achieve net zero climate footprint from our own operations, as well as having a net zero portfolio by 2030.

The strategy has five key elements, where the first two address HitecVision’s own operations, while the next three describe our ambitions for our portfolio. Considering the normal private equity cycle of investments and realizations, our choice of investments in the years to come will contribute to a rebalancing of the portfolio towards carbon neutrality. The five key elements are:

  1. We will be carbon neutral in our own operations from 2020.
  2. We will contribute to driving down emissions from our customers, business advisors, banks and other counterparties.
  3. We will build on our position as a leading energy-focused private equity firm to support the transition to net zero.
  4. We aim to halve the carbon intensity of our current energy producing portfolio companies by 2030.
  5. We aim to reduce the net greenhouse gas emissions from our other portfolio companies to zero by 2030.

Download the full strategy here.

HitecVision is a signatory to the Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative.