Vryhof launches revolutionary new anchor

Following two years of development and testing, Vryhof Anchors, the Dutch world leader in the market for innovative and customer-focused anchoring and mooring solutions, announced the launching of a revolutionary new anchor: the STEVSHARK®REX.

Already praised by insiders as a ‘game changer’ within the mooring industry, the application boundaries of drag embedded anchors can now be expanded to the most remote and challenging territories on earth. Super-strong soils no longer represent an obstacle, thereby opening up economic opportunities for operators to develop new energy resources across a much larger area worldwide.

The main goal of developing the STEVSHARK®REX was to expand the suitability domain of drag embedment anchors in challenging geotechnical areas. One of those areas is the Arctic, with its hard soil conditions, subsea permafrost, complex gravelly soils and over-consolidated clays or tills. Other difficult areas in terms of sub-seabed types include Australia and the UAE, with their typical complex cemented soils of carbonite origin or calcarenite to calcilutite limestone rocks. Many future floating wind farms or other renewable-energy development areas are located in relatively complex geological settings where standard anchors may not work.