Vår Energi: New step towards zero emissions

Vår Energi joins research project aimed at optimizing the CO2 value chain. The target is cutting costs by 70 percent for new carbon storage facilities.

The LINNCS project (Linking Carbon Capture and Storage) will concentrate on solutions for transport and large-scale permanent storage of carbon after it is captured. Vår Energi R&D Manager Gjertrud Halset explains: “The target is to enable the industry to delivery carbon capture at large scale. This will simultaneously enable new, profitable business activities for both supply industry and operators.”

The project is run by Aker Solutions together with a consortium that includes a mix of research institutions and industry players. A strong team, according to Gjertrud: “We have the needs and the research community the framework and tools for innovation and development. By looking at various components and technologies throughout the value chain, the project will link research communities and the industry closer together. This is an excellent example of how collaboration across, disciplines, sectors and industries can boost the innovation and technological development needed for tomorrow.”

The Research Council of Norway has granted around NOK 100 million to support the funding of the development over the next three years. Vår Energi and the other consortium partners will contribute with funding of a similar amount.

“The project will be an important part of Vår Energi R&D portfolio of decarbonization projects, contributing to the green transition of the industry and to meet our targets of reducing the greenhouse gas emissions,” Gjertrud says.

The objective is to have solutions ready for the first demonstration projects by end of 2024, and for full scale commercial projects by 2027.

Vår Energi and Sustainability