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Elena Sofia Baraldi


+39 389 9556 311

Elena Sofia Baraldi joined HitecVision in 2024. She holds a Master of Management from the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT).

Her previous experience includes internships at PwC Germany, Redstone and Facile.It.

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Ann Mari Nilsen

Controller and Executive Assistant

+47 99 28 38 71

Ann Mari Nilsen joined HitecVision in 2024. She has many years of experience working as accountant and controller at companies such as Explora Petroleum, Noreco and the Ertvaag Family Office.

Ann Mari is a state authorised public accountant and holds an Executive Master in Business Administration from the University of Stavanger.

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Erik Årstad Gilje


+47 41 85 86 77

Erik Årstad Gilje joined HitecVision in March 2024 from the position as Investment Banking Analyst at Nordea, where he has primarily worked with M&A in the infrastructure segment.

His previous experience includes internships at Equip Capital and Argentum Asset Management.

Erik holds a master’s degree in financial economics from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH).

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Endre Mehus Ivarson


+47 91 91 83 78

Endre Mehus Ivarson joined HitecVision in 2023 from the position as Strategy Consultant at EY Parthenon, where he worked with commercial due diligence processes for both sell-side and buy-side clients.

Endre holds an MSc Finance & Accounting at Imperial College Business School.

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Hedvig Bergjord


+47 95 55 15 43

Hedvig Bergjord joined HitecVision in 2024 after completing a Master’s degree in Financial Economics at the Norwegian School of Economics.

Her previous experience includes internships at Varde Hartmark, Stack, Skretting Innovation and Bekk Management Consulting.

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Toril Nag

Senior Partner

+47 93 48 88 88

Toril Nag joined HitecVision in 2023, from the position as Group Executive Vice President, Telecom with Lyse AS. Lyse, as well as being one of Norway’s largest hydropower producers, has during her tenure become one of the leading providers of fiber and mobile broadband infrastructure suppliers through the Altibox and Ice brands.

Toril brings extensive experience with scaling up businesses through M&A and organic growth in partnerships models. Having been responsible for many of Lyses’s strategic holdings, and has held several positions in industrial and public organisations and committees, including being long-standing chairperson of Norwegian digital tech industry organisation ICT-Norway.

Her previous experience includes five years of senior management positions within financial and professional service roles as Partner and Head of Rogaland and Agder at KPMG, and as Executive Vice President with Danske Bank. Prior to this she has also led various successful business ventures within IT and telecom.

Toril holds a Master in Computer Science from University of Strathclyde.

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Marius Skeide Ruth

Director Finance

+47 97 40 18 29

Marius Skeide Ruth joined HitecVision in October 2022. He comes from the role as Senior Associate – Assurance at EY, where he has been for 4 years working with clients within E&P and oil service industries, telecommunications and renewable energy companies.

Marius holds an MSc in Accounting and Auditing from the University of Stavanger and an MSc in Economics and Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Economics. Marius is a State Authorised Public Accountant.

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Crister Berge

Senior IT Administrator

+47 40 08 10 98

Crister Berge joined HitecVision in 2022. In HitecVision, Crister supports all IT and Cyber Security activities, including user support to the employees.

Prior to this he worked as Purchasing and Marketing Manager at Tell, an Apple Premium Reseller. During his 15 years with Tell he was also responsible for business clients, including consulting and support.

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Tor Espedal

Senior Partner

+47 97 09 42 68

Tor Espedal joined the HitecVision team in 2010 as Senior Partner. He brings more than 25 years of international oil and gas experience to HitecVision. Tor comes from the position as Vice President of Subsea7s activities on the NCS.

Prior to joining Subsea7, Tor worked 17 years for Statoil in a number of business areas and locations. During his last years at Statoil, he worked on Statoils international E&P strategy (Acquisitions and Divestments) with particular responsibility for the Latin American region. He has extensive international experience, having led a number of major projects and contributed in building Statoils international presence. Tor has an extensive industry network, both nationally and internationally.

Tor has an MSc from the Norwegian School of Management.

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Sindre Veen Larsen

Structuring, Financing and Risk Solutions

+47 90 19 53 67

Sindre Veen Larsen joined HitecVision in 2021 from the role as Manager Assurance at EY, where he worked with clients within the E&P and oil service industries, and with manufacturing businesses and investment companies.

Sindre holds an MSc in Business Administration from the Oslo and Akershus University College and the University of California San Diego, and an MSc in Accounting and Auditing from the University of Stavanger. Sindre is a State Authorised Public Accountant.

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