Moreld: Vryhof provides mooring for landmark floating wind farm

WindFloat Atlantic is a 25MW offshore floating wind farm located 20km off the coast of Viana do Castelo, Portugal. Commissioned in June 2020, the project is considered to be the world’s first semi-submersible floating wind farm. Vryhof, a Moreld company, has been responsible for the mooring solution for the wind farm.

WindFloat Atlantic uses cutting-edge technology which enables the installation of floating platforms in deep waters that were previously inaccessible, and where abundant wind resources can be harnessed. The platform’s structure – with a height of 30 meters and a distance of 50 meters between each column – allows large 8.4MW wind turbines to be installed on a floating surface each. This specific innovative wind farm includes three turbines installed on semi-submersible floating foundations anchored to the seabed.

The commissioning of the first of the three platforms took place on 31st December, 2019. The 20-kilometre (12.43 miles) cable connecting the floating wind farm with the onshore substation in the Portuguese municipality of Viana do Castelo had been previously energised. That same month the second platform was transported to the wind farm site from the Port of Ferrol in Spain as well for installation next to the first foundation. On May 27, 2020, the project took another decisive step with the departure of the third of the three platforms off the coast of Viana de Castelo.

The technology for the wind farm has been developed by Principle Power, Inc. Bourbon Subsea Services has installed the three floating wind turbines, in close cooperation with Vryhof being responsible for the mooring solution. Vryhof’s team has taken care of all aspects of the mooring package, from specifications to procurement, production follow-up, certification, integration and delivery. To maximise customer satisfaction Vryhof developed its own proactive operational excellence methodology, called Smart Integrated Mooring Management (SIMM).

The partners have produced a series of films about the project, which are published here:

The main advantage of the applied WindFloat concept is that it allowed Vryhof’s mooring system to be pre-installed at sea (three sets of three mooring lines), while the floating platforms were assembled and pre-commissioned on land in a controlled environment. The complete systems were then wet-towed offshore and hooked up.

The WindFloat Atlantic wind farm is owned by the Windplus Consortium, comprising EDP Renewables, Engie, Repsol and Principle Power.