Hitecvision sells Technor Italsmea to Marechal Electric

HitecVision is pleased to announce the sale of Technor Italsmea to Marechal Electric

Italsmea was acquired in 2007 by the Technor group of companies through its Ex Division. The origin of Technor Ex was Technor ASA, a conglomerate of companies which the HVPE IV L.P.acquired in a public-to-private transaction in June 2006. Following the sale of Technor Safe EX in 2010, the Technor Ex division has consisted of two companies; Technor Ex AS and Valco Group AS. Technor Ex is producing and providing products for use in explosive atmospheres while the Valco companies provide industrial valves.

Technor Italsmea based in Italy and Technor Atex based in France. Technor Italsmea delivers a full suite of Ex products for safe transmission of electric signals and power in potentially explosive atmospheres. The product range consists of electrical panels, junction boxes, luminaires and other Ex equipment. The largest clients are in the oil & gas and petrochemical industry.  As part of the transaction Marechal Electric has also acquired the rights to the Technor brand name.