HitecVision invests in Merrick Systems, Inc

HitecVision is pleased to announce an investment in Merrick Systems, Inc., a privately held technology company headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA.

Merrick Systems has a proprietary product portfolio, providing oil and gas companies with leading-edge software and related services within production monitoring and hydrocarbon accounting, to increase the efficiency of their drilling and production operations. HitecVision has long experience of developing successful technology companies, including KSI, RigNet and SPT, and believes this experience can be utilised to create another attractive technology platform based out of Houston, Texas.

Merrick currently has 55 full-time employees, and has won a string of awards both for its technology and for its entrepreneurship. The company’s founders, Samina Farid (Chairman) and Kemal Farid (CEO) will remain significant shareholders in the company.