Havfram: Offshore wind contract in South Korea

Equinor has awarded Havfram a contract for performing a Transport and Installation Study on the Firefly floating offshore wind project in South Korea.

The Firefly project is an 800MW project and will be one of the first commercial scale floating offshore wind projects globally. Havfram is very pleased to be selected as one of its key contractors to perform this important work and continue its working relationship with Equinor.

The Firefly project is both large and complex and Havfram aims to use its extensive experience from the installation of some of the largest mooring systems globally as well as from management of highly complex dynamic product installation activities. Havfram will perform the work from its Asia Pacific office in Perth, Australia and has already commenced work on the study. In addition, Havfram is building its presence in South Korea and is busy engaging with the local supply chain. The scope of the study includes transport and installation activities offshore as well as the supply and procurement of the inter-array cables and the mooring systems.

Vice-President for APAC, Joel Ireland commented that “Securing this work is a key step in achieving Havfram’s ambition of become a global leading company in the energy transition from offshore oil and gas services into the offshore wind industry. We look forward to working with Equinor on this highly anticipated project and aim to provide them with unique solutions and value-adding opportunities to assist them in the commercialization of floating offshore wind in Korea.”

CEO of Havfram Odd Strømsnes said that “This contract award builds upon our extensive track record of executing major projects with Equinor including the marine operations and mooring scopes for the Johan Castberg project in the Barents Sea which is one of the largest subsea field developments on the Norwegian continental shelf”.