Establishment of På Hjul AS – a social entrepreneurship project

HitecVision is pleased to announce the establishment of På Hjul AS; combining the efforts of HitecVision’s serial entrepreneur model with those of a well reputed social entrepreneur, Kirkens Bymisjon.

HitecVision has in the past made donations to worthy causes in the Stavanger region, however we have now, in lieu of a donation, formed a social entrepreneurship project, where we will play an active role in the interface between finance and society. Together with other social entrepreneurs we will contribute capital, competence, and our network to create enduring value and positive returns to society.

På Hjul, which in English translates to On Wheels, will be a bicycle repair shop located centrally in Stavanger, with the purpose of creating a way for people recovering from substance abuse problems to make their way back into the workplace.

The first two employees have been hired and are expected to assume their positions shortly. Stein Rosland, an avid bicycle enthusiast, who has for the last ten years been working with Gauselskogen RPS (previously Eikely), a psychiatric treatment organization with an emphasis on patients with substance abuse problems, will assume the managing director role, with overall responsibility for the development of the company. Tor Gunnar Fjelde, who has spendt the last 11 years with Cameron, focusing on mechanics / machining services and also an avid bicycle enthusiast will be the Workshop Manager, with responsibilities for the overall quality of the service offering and the employee training program. På Hjul will be fully established and revenue generating during Q3.

HitecVision will support the company with the necessary funds required to finance the start-up, and will contribute its competence as a serial entrepreneur to develop the business plan, and delivery thereof, through a continuous dialogue with management. Though På Hjul is being established as a subsidiary of a charitable organization, and will during the start-up phase be dependent upon donations as a source of financing, our goal is that the company will reach its breakeven point within a three year period, and thereafter be self-financing; creating both social and economic value.

About Kirkens Bymisjon:
Church City Mission was founded on January 22, 1855. On a national basis the city mission foundations totaling approximately 1750 employees with professional skills. Around 1850 volunteers are also related to the work. Church City Mission operates about 70 large and small institutions and businesses.