Cadre acquires Bekk og Strøm adding seven operating hydropower plants

Bekk og Strøm AS, with seven operating small-scale hydropower plants and four employees, becomes part of Cadre AS. These plants collectively generate 40 GWh annually, sufficient to power 2,000 Norwegian homes.

Liv Monica Stubholt, Chair of the Cadre board said: “This acquisition holds significant value for us. We’re bringing onboard experienced employees and incorporating efficiently managed small-scale hydropower plants into our fold. Five of these seven plants are located in the southern price area, enhancing our geographical diversification.”

Beyond the seven operational plants, this transaction grants Cadre a development portfolio of nine projects, with several already underway. Cadre’s total hydropower plant portfolio now surpasses 400 GWh, complemented by various prospective projects. Cadre is swiftly progressing toward its ambition of contributing to 2 TWh of Norwegian power output within the coming years.

Carl-Fredrik Lehland, CEO of Cadre said: “Small-scale hydropower has the potential to double its current electricity supply to Norwegian consumers and enterprises. We firmly believe that it plays a pivotal role in addressing future energy demands. Cadre is proud that we through this acquisition are taking another new step to contribute to this development.”