Apply Capnor and Grenland AsIs Global merge

Apply Capnor has today agreed with Grenland Group to buy Grenland AsIs Global (ASIS). Apply Capnor and ASIS are frontrunners within the laserscanning technology and they are today the leading independant suppliers for this segment in Norway.

This investment will strengthen our product development activities and our internationalisation, comments Per Bjørn Habbestad, Chairman of the Board in Apply Capnor.

Laserscanning and 3-D-modelling contribute to large cost savings for our clients and will open new opportunities with regard to integrated operations. It is, however, expensive to develop this technology and we therefore look to exploit the scale synergies by merging the two companies – combined with low cost production from our units in Poland and Malaysia.

The two companies have a turnover of some 15 mill USD and will be located in new office facilities at Koppholen 2-4, Stavanger.

The transaction is contingent upon accept from the competition authorities.